RZESZOWSKIEOLDTIMERY  is a group founded by true fanatics of classic and vintage cars. The beginning of operations is dated 2017. We were created in retreat to the ever-increasing development of the automotive industry, which causes the modern automotive industry, and thus the driver, to lose what is most beautiful – fun and satisfaction from driving. Every year, new members appear in our ranks who share with us a love for what is old and beautiful. Our funclub is not only about cars, it is also about a certain ethos and lifestyle. Every year our members appear at nationwide rallies and conventions.


In this section, we want to tell you a little bit about the history, reconstruction, overhaul of vehicle repairs. When repairing such vehicles, we often encounter various types of problems, you can read about such various adversities by clicking on the GARAGE tab, which describes the history of oldtimers restoration and more.


We invite you to browse the EVENTS page, there you will see rallies, meetings, events in which we participated, to which we were invited as well as events that we organized.
If you want to be up to date where and when an oldtimer event will take place, click on the EVENT CALENDAR tab, everything will be listed there.